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        Automotive Testing Expo China 2016

        Clicks: 2213    Date: 2016-09-13    Size: [ big  medium  small ]
        Automotive Testing Expo China 2016 is set to capitalise on the rapid growth in new car sales and the need for higher quality and safer vehicles by bringing together the world''''s leading test equipment manufacturers and test service providers in an intense three-day extravaganza!

        Products on display:

        • Test simulation
        • Engine and emissions analysis
        • Vibration testing
        • Acoustic testing
        • Environmental testing
        • Mechanical testing
        • Data acquisition
        • Materials testing
        • Non-destructive testing (NDT)
        • Track simulation and laboratory testing
        • EMC analysis
        • Structural and fatigue testing
        • Suspension kinematics and compliance
        • Simulation software
        • Sensors and transducers
        • On-board diagnostics
        • Wind tunnel technology
        • Aerodynamic testing
        • NVH
        • Quality testing/inspection