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        Temperature/Humidity/Altitude/Light/Ventilation Weathering Resistance Combined Test Chambers

        The Weather Resistance Comprehensive Test Chamber achieves a major breakthrough that integrates below functions as one: temperature, humidity, low pressure, solar radiation, fresh air circulation, which forms a variety of environmental and climatic factors, comprehensive weather ability testing program. With artificial simulation of plateau area’s corresponding complex climate, the test can provide appropriate environmental simulation and accelerated testing, for purpose of scientific research, product development and quality control. It is suitable for evaluation electrical and electronic, instrumentation, vehicles, national defense and so on products’ adaptability in complex climate or plateau climate during usage, storage, transportation.

        ? Breakthrough design: equipment with five environmental factors testing function.
        ? Modular fabrication technique.
        ? Intelligent 32 bit measuring and control system with colorful screen. Interface USB and Ethernet.
        ? APP mobility management.
        ? Programmable power outlet with 4-CH. ON/OFF output control, to ensure safety.
        ? Patented air circulation system improves test’s accuracy.
        ? Low calorific and high-performance water ring vacuum pump control system.
        ? Illumination intensity is controlled by smart software, which controls accurately and stably.
        ? The smart program protects all equipments by monitoring overcurrent, overheat , abnormal power supply and other working malfunctions.
        ? Independent thermal protector and sensors keep test specimen off over temperature, breezeless and smog.
        ? Environmental servo refrigerant flow control for energy saving and quick heat-up/cool-down rate.
        ? Uniquely operation mode makes testing zone’s temperature back to R.T after test, which protects sample status.
        ? Automatic reminder of maintenance time of equipments and software of fault records.


        1. Optional Accessories

        ? Independent sensor for protecting test specimen(compliant with NE60519-2.1993)

        ? Lead through Φ50mm

        Nitrogen gas auxiliary device

        Accessory bag

        ? Software for Internet-based management

        Video monitor system

        APP for mobile management

        2. optional

        ? 1 Xenon lamp

        ? 1 Testing electrode

        ? 1 Air filter

        1 Electronic temperature and humidity sensor

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