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        Temperature and Climate Test Chambers
        The High and Low Temperature (Humidity) Cycling Test chamber is designed to test a whole product, machine parts and materials undergoing the conditions of high temperature, low temperature, high & low temperature cycling or constant/cyclic temperature and humidity situation. Mainly test whether products’ adaptive capacity or characteristics changes when the chamber replicates the conditions of temperature & humidity environment and temperature & humidity changing environment. It is prevailing in many fields such as military, aerospace, shipbuilding, manufacturing and quality management, etc.

        ? Modular fabrication technique
        ? Intelligent 32 bit measuring and control system with colorful screen. Interface USB and Ethernet, APP mobility management.
        ? Programmable power outlet with 4-CH. ON/OFF output control, to ensure safety.
        ? Patented air circulation system improves test’s accuracy.
        ? Independent thermal protector and sensors keep test specimen off over temperature, breezeless and smog.
        ? Network video monitoring is synchronized with test data.
        ? Patent: Self-developed humidity chamber structure without condensation (ESC series)
        ? Automatic water supply device is equipped with ultrapure filtration system and water shortage reminder
        ? Strong control ability in ultra-low humidity range: 20℃/10%RH
        ? Environmental servo refrigerant flow control for energy saving and quick heat-up/cool-down rate
        ? Without defrosting, during operating in low temperature.
        ? Uniquely operation mode makes testing zone’s temperature back to R.T after test, which protects sample status.
        ? Automatic reminder of maintenance time of equipments and software of fault records.
        ? Optional remote service function and video CD of equipment operation.


        1. Optional Accessories

        ? Independent sensor for portecting the test specimen(compliant with NE60519-2.1993)

        ? Lead through φ100mm

        ? Drier filter for compressing air

        ? Automatic water supply device

        ? Nitrogen gas auxiliary device

        ? Water-cooled system

        ? Accessory bag

        ? Software for Internet-based management

        ? Video monitor system

        ? APP for mobile management

        2. Standard Accessories

        ? 3 Power outlets for test specimen

        ? Left lead through and right lead through with Φ50mm

        ? 2 Silicon stoppers for lead through

        2 Stainless steel shelves

        1 Water Tank with 20L

        ? 1 Water Filter

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